Motors hero banner


Motors hero banner 

Native ad specs TM Audience 


The Trade Me Motors Hero Banner is a cross-platform, high impact brand canvas for advertisers.
It allows brands to build awareness and consideration at scale, with New Zealand's biggest active vehicle buying audience.



  • Please check with your account manager for any background colour or image restrictions
  • Download detailed Specs and Guidelines
  • Hero banner images (please provide all 4 sizes to cover all breakpoints)
    • Mobile image 767x135px (max. file size 100kb)
    • Tablet image 1279x232px (max. file size 150kb)
    • Desktop image 1599x232px (max. file size 175kb)
    • Extra-large desktop image 1920x336px (max. file size 300kb)
  • Display banners: 970x250 and 300x250, as per standard display specs
  • Logo: 40x30px (max. file size 50kb)
  • Call to action: 30 characters max, sentence case only



  • 4x hero images
  • 970x250 and 300x250 display banners (can be 3rd party ad served)
  • Logo asset for CTA as per specification
  • Call to action copy
  • Click through URL
  • Ensure your hero banner creative meets the image guidelines as detailed in Specs and Guidelines 



 For any questions please contact: