Mobile app placements


Mobile app units Trade Me Audience 


Reach cross-platform with the homepage and in-search mobile app placements



+  Mobile app homepage and mobile app homepage carousel: 320x180

+  In-search MRec: 300x250
+  In-search Native: 702x367

The app entry unit and MRec are only available in the Trade Me yellow app,
whereas native is available in both the yellow app and the Trade Me Property app.



  • Mobile app homepage: 
    Image size 640x360px,
    PNG or JPG format,
    Max. file size 50kb

  • Please note: Placement has a label covering the top left corner (45 by 34 pixels)
    so do not put any important content in this part of your creative like logos or copy.
    The placement also has rounded corners to fit into the context of the Trade Me app.

    640x360 template

  • If you are supplying a mobile app homepage carousel (multiple images)
    the above and the following apply:
    Carousel supports up to 5 images,
    Minimum of 3 images required (4 preferred),
    Different click-through URLs can be supplied per image

  • For the MRec, see our standard display specs
  • For Native, see our native specs


  • .JPG or .PNG
  • 1 click-through URL per image
  • To be received 3 working days before the start of campaign for testing and loading

We care about our users' privacy and security so we require all advertisements to support secure ad serving.

  • This means that all components of display ads, including image files, fonts, JavaScript, tracking pixels must be able to serve via SSL (https://)

  • Any domain references within the ad need to either be hardcoded to https:// or begin with just the double forward slash // so the browser can follow the current scheme and request securely when required

  • This is supported by all third-party ad servers and happens by default for any publisher hosted advertisements

For any questions please contact: