Native ads


Native ad specs TM Audience 


Native ads sit between search results and match our site fonts and layout.
The content-relevant placement encourages higher user engagement.


Getting started with native

For native ads to fit in seamlessly (no matter where they are served), the creative needs to be more flexible than that of a display ad. The examples below show the two most common ways your native ad may be displayed.

The whole image will display in some instances and be cropped to a square in others, so you need to provide a rectangular image with the most important content in the centre. To check that you are happy with how your image will display, we recommend using our Native Ad Builder prior to booking. 


Native Trade Me Audience Gallery 

Desktop gallery view


Native Trade Me Audience List 

 Mobile list view



  • Main image: 702×367px - file size less than 70KB, PNG or JPG format, no text on image
  • Logo image: 200×200 - file size less than 10KB, PNG or JPG format
  • Copy: 
    Headline - 30 characters max 
    Body copy - 90 characters max
    Call to action - 25 characters max
    Advertiser name - 25 characters max
    (Remember not to write any full words in capitals)

Please supply

  • 2x images (main image and logo)
  • Copy document PDF downloaded from Native Ad Builder
  • Click-through URL (and relevant tracking URLs if applicable)
  • To be received 3 working days before the start of campaign for testing and loading