Newsletter Specifications

Newsletter Ad Placement

The newsletter ad placement is included in each of our four main newsletters sent by Trade Me. Including the main Trade Me newsletter, Property, Motors and Jobs newsletters.

The ad is consistently placed underneath the main Newsletter content and is labelled 'Advertisment'. The advertising services should be relevant to the content of each newsletter.


1200px by 300px, JPG file less than 35KB
A photo with no overlaid text, that links clearly to the content.

Within 400px by 160px, transparent PNG file less than 10KB.

30 characters maximum, sentence case.

200 characters maximum, sentence case.

Clear call to action, 20 characters maximum, sentence case, avoid using phrases such as 'Click here to...'

For any questions please contact:

Files/creative to be received 3 working days before the start of campaign for testing and loading.


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