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Our powerful, data-driven, video placements are available in the search results on desktop.
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Video best practices



  • Format: mp4 or externally-hosted VAST tag
  • Audio level: -18 LKFS
  • Maximum file size: 64 MB
  • Dimensions: Displays at 640x360 (16:9 ratio)
  • Maximum duration: 30 seconds
  • Recommended bitrate: 3000 kbps (video) and 128 kbps (audio)
  • Video autoplays with sound off, sound on is user-initiated.

Also to supply

  • Click-through URL
  • Video duration in seconds
  • It’s optional for you to supply third-party tracking URLs for the video for the following stages; creative view, start, first quartile, mid-point, third quartile, complete.