wallpaper ad specs TM Audience 


Wallpaper placements are available on our Motors and Property home pages.
All other display placements on the page are included with this premium offering.

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Basic specifications

  • 1906 x 1000px
  • Max file size: 150kb
  • PNG or JPG with 1000 white or transparent pixels in the middle. 


  • As the wallpaper itself is not clickable, you will want to supply some or all of the other ad units available on the page. For Motors, these are: 300x250 or 300x600, 728x90 and the 160x600. For Property, this is the 970x250. 
  • Key imagery and messaging to be kept in the 130 pixels either side of the middle section
  • To be received 3 working days before the start of campaign for testing and loading