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Preparing for a cookie-less world

Google has finally announced they’re phasing out third-party cookies within the next two years, this has created a lot of unknowns as to what the future of digital advertising may look like.What’s the issue?Ad-tech on the web has traditionally been underpinned by third-party cookies. Conversion ....more
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Increase your conversions with retargeting

Does your website get plenty of visits but only a handful of conversions? It’s probably worth considering retargeting.Retargeting can give you a strategic advantage to get your brand in front of tho
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Reach a qualified audience with quality data

No one knows Kiwis quite as well as we do. As they transition through different life stages; whether that’s buying their next car, their dream car, family home, or their next investment, Trade Me pl
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Native Advertising and the Power of Data

The industry has seen a 270% increase in native advertising spend in the past two years in New Zealand. As marketers have tapped into the potential of native advertising, they’ve driven its exponent
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How to design high-performing display ads - A designer’s perspective

When it comes to display ads, Trade Me has over a decade’s worth of data on what works in NZ and what doesn’t. In 2018, we loaded 9,300 creative assets on-site and served ads to 1.8 million active
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Customer aroha and brand safety

Just as great user-generated content lifts up the brands associated with the creators, negative and abusive user-generated content plays a part in degrading an associated brand.For large global platfo
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The perception of clicks as a performance metric

When using smart data in an increasingly fragmented digital landscape, it’s important to build our marketing mindset around the journey of data-driven marketing. This will require a conscious shift

Leveraging our first party data to drive engagement of auto enthusiasts

To promote the release of the Baby Driver blockbuster film, Sony Pictures and their agency PHD New Zealand partnered with us to leverage our data, host a competition and promote content to our audienc

Lifting our advertising game

Speaking at the Salesforce World Tour in Sydney, Head of advertising, Paul Mant told attendees that we faced an already high bar of excellence expectation before bringing on the Krux (now Salesforce)

Using audience data to power creative and increase conversion

The challenge
With large targets becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to reach and tracking results from vanilla creative proving troublesome, Life Direct needed to establish why people boug