Playing the short and long game

Volkswagen playing the long and short game TM Audience

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Why buying a Volkswagen is a win-win

Everyone knows the old saying that you get what you pay for.

With that in mind, there are a lot of things to consider when you’re in the market for a new or used car.

When you buy a Volkswagen, you’re paying for premium quality, high-performance parts, engineering excellence and technology that’s built to last. And it doesn’t end at purchase, Volkswagen’s comprehensive after-sales service ensures your vehicle continues to perform at its best.

Ultimately, that means every dollar you spend offers you long-term savings in maintenance and ongoing performance - playing the short and long game is surely the very best way of getting what you pay for.


But how do you compare quality?

Assessing quality in small everyday purchases at the supermarket – think about how delicious premium chocolates taste compared to cheaper brands – seems easy compared to the more complicated world of car purchasing.

But the premise is the same: Quality in car brands such as Volkswagen shows in longer-lasting performance, better mileage for each part, and far more value for each dollar you spend.

However, it can be difficult to compare like for like when it comes to technology, features, quality of parts and components. Here are some points to consider.


1. Volkswagens are reliable

A great place to start comparing vehicles is to look beyond the price tag and straight to the long-term reliability of the car. Everyone has heard plenty of stories about a great deal that turned out to be nothing more than a lemon, and a costly one at that.

Important key factors in assessing the reliability of a car are based on whether they need repairing often, and how much it costs to do so. Volkswagen Genuine Parts® are durable and efficient and are made to last the distance when they are serviced at an Approved Volkswagen Service Centre.

Volkswagens are built with some of the best components found in the industry, and a large number of these are stored right here in New Zealand in a large and comprehensive parts warehouse. So, if you need a replacement part, the chances that it’s available immediately are high.


2. Volkswagens retain a strong resale value

Although parting with the classic Volkswagen you bought as a teenager can be a heart-breaking experience, there comes a time when life needs a different car – for the kids, the dog and the toys.

Because Volkswagens have consistently been made to last, their resale value is always going to be healthier than many other brands. That’s why many tend to stay with the Volkswagen brand and benefit from the variety of models on offer today.


3. Volkswagen offers transparent value

Volkswagen’s value is evident in the transparency offered to all customers about future servicing costs, which allows Volkswagen buyers to fix their service payments at the time of purchase. One of the options available is a Volkswagen Service Plan, which provides the first three scheduled services for a single fixed price of as low as $995 for the Polo, more than 25 per cent below the standard rate for three annual services.

Another option is to calculate the cost of any standard service By using Volkswagen’s online intuitive Service Cost Calculator, owners will see immediately what the maximum retail price is to service their Volkswagen at any specified interval, including both Volkswagen Genuine Parts® and labour.

Because the cost is fixed over the life of the plan, it will save you money and improve the residual value of your car.

For all owners, Volkswagen is also here to help with flexible payment options with an eye to the future. Besides structuring repayments in a way that suits you best, this also allows you to upgrade your Volkswagen on a regular basis, which means you can keep up to speed with the latest technology and retain the value of your vehicle.

This not only assists Volkswagen owners or owners-to-be in planning financially, but provides peace of mind about the genuine long-term value of buying true quality.