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The value of volkswagen TM Audience

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Are Volkswagens value for money over time? Heck yes!

A car purchase can be as exciting as it is nerve-wracking and it can raise some important questions that could really have you scratching your head, and holding tight to your wallet.

Some of those questions may be around whether to buy a European car, and what that will mean in the future. Quality is a given but – beyond the sales price – what sort of maintenance costs are you going to face? What do genuine parts cost, are they available in New Zealand, and how does a European model compare in value to other brands on the market?

You can take comfort in the fact that when you decide to purchase a Volkswagen – new or used – you can call on the extensive expertise of Volkswagen dealers, who are conveniently located across the country. They will provide you the best possible care each and every time.

Read on to find out how.


But wait! Don’t Volkswagen Genuine Parts® have to come all the way from Europe?


While all Volkswagen vehicles, parts and technology are still designed and engineered using the best cutting-edge European technology, quality and style, Volkswagen has everything you need right here in New Zealand to look after your Vehicle.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts® may also be subjected to ongoing technological improvements, ensuring that as new processes and technologies are developed, the parts you may need for your Volkswagen in the future will be the best possible for your vehicle’s performance.

The 6,000sqm Volkswagen Group parts and distribution warehouse in Auckland is one of the largest new car parts warehouses in New Zealand. From brake pads to window wipers, most parts for Volkswagens of any age are in stock, and when you bring your vehicle to your local Approved Service Centre you can quickly be back on the road again.

New Zealand has a diverse carpark of Volkswagen models spanning many years. Support for older models is just as important to Volkswagen as the latest and greatest to hit the streets.

If Volkswagen doesn’t have the part your vehicle needs at their fingertips, you don’t need to wait for a delivery from Europe – as Volkswagen’s after-sales head office is based in Malaysia, parts can be ordered and shipped quickly to New Zealand.


Everyone loves a bit of TLC, even your car

Like any machine – and any human, in fact – a Volkswagen will perform at its best if it’s pampered every now and then. Volkswagen loves cars as much as you, and always ensures customers have access to all the information required to make sure their Volkswagens are the best they can be.

So, how do you give your car the TLC it deserves?

  • Follow your Volkswagen instruction manual to find out what needs to be done.
  • Replace fluids, belts and maintenance parts on time. This reduces the risk of wear and tear taking a toll and damaging other parts of the car.
  • Remember that if one part isn’t looked after or replaced if necessary, then that will likely be followed by another. This is a main reason costs rise in car maintenance, regardless of the type or brand.
  • Volkswagen’s service schedule is on average once a year (or 15,000kms, whichever comes first), which is less often than many other manufacturers. This is because Volkswagen’s exacting standards, comprehensive service plans and attention to detail means parts last.


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But aren’t European cars like Volkswagen super expensive to run and maintain?

The short answer is no.

An international study by shows a Volkswagen is just as affordable to own as many other well-known brands. Why?

  • With one of the largest new car parts warehouses in New Zealand, there are no extra costs or time associated with sourcing what you need for your Volkswagen. The Auckland parts warehouse receives seven container deliveries per week on average, meaning stock is replenished constantly and kept available.
  • Volkswagen Genuine Parts® are durable and efficient, leading to overall savings for Volkswagen owners.
  • With the help of Volkswagen’s scheduled servicing package, looking after your Volkswagen is easy and cost-effective.
  • A service plan combines the costs of your first three scheduled services into one discounted offer. Not only does the service plan save you money, it also saves you time. Your local approved service centre will remind you of upcoming service requirements and make it easy for you to plan your day around any service requirements.
  • Because Volkswagen's service schedule is on average once a year (or 15,000km - whichever comes first), compared with other manufacturers who demand six monthly service intervals, you don't have to service your car as often, with all service costs covered for the next three years.
  • The superior quality of all Volkswagen Genuine Parts® means they are durable and efficient – they are built to last longer.
  • Internal research has shown service costs for Volkswagens can be less than, or equal to, competing brands across New Zealand’s main centres.

Car detectives at your service – trust Volkswagen to know your vehicle’s history

One of the most important things you can do when buying a second-hand car is to research its history. Everyone will have heard of, or been the subject of, a horror car purchase that turned out to be a costly lemon.

Volkswagen places a lot of value in tracking the maintenance of its vehicles and parts because, ultimately, knowing exactly what’s going on inside that engine can save Volkswagen owners a lot of money and heartache.

Volkswagen recommends organising a pre-purchase inspection with your local approved service centre before you buy a second-hand vehicle. The fully qualified technicians have the knowledge and the tools to give you a comprehensive overview of the vehicle’s history, so if a Volkswagen local approved service centre gives the vehicle a pass, it’s a great buy.


With a direct link to the factory that made your pre-used Volkswagen, qualified technicians can analyse your car to diagnose any faults, clear of codes and update software.

Because all services carried out by an Approved Service Centre come with a fully stamped Volkswagen service history, you can ask for it specifically whenever buying a second-hand Volkswagen vehicle.

All Volkswagen Genuine Parts® come with a two-year unlimited km warranty, giving you further peace of mind.


Volkswagen will support you in your car care journey

Volkswagen staff know how busy life can be and how routine maintenance can, almost literally, fall by the wayside. Before you know it, a service is months overdue, and that could lead to issues further down the road. So, to keep you on a smooth and safe journey every time, Volkswagen is here to help you look after your vehicle by offering to lock in your servicing costs at the time of purchase so you reap all the benefits later.


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With a Volkswagen Service Plan, you’ll be able enjoy three years (or up to 45,000kms  for Passenger vehicles and up to 80,000kms for Commercial vehicles) of pre-paid services. Benefits of this include:

  • A Volkswagen Service Centre only uses Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, which come with a two-year warranty.
  • All Volkswagen Service Centre technicians are Volkswagen-certified, so your car is always in expert hands.
  • Prices are set at the time of purchase. There are no nasty surprises here.
  • You can take your Volkswagen and your Service Plan to any approved Volkswagen Service Centre.

The Service Plan includes full transparent service costs for everything Volkswagen does. That way, you know that what is being done is right for you, your car and your bank account.

For further peace of mind, Volkswagen offers a 5-year warranty and 5-year roadside assistance, meaning Volkswagen stands by your new car while you enjoy the benefits of ownership.


We’ll help you work out the costs

Cost is always a consideration with any car purchase, and getting the best value for your money is key. That’s why Volkswagen designed a Service Cost Calculator.

Simply go into the calculator and select a vehicle model plus some other basic information, and you’ll be shown an up-front and maximum retail price to service your Volkswagen at any specified interval.

You can also use the Service Plan cost calculator to reveal your savings when purchasing the plan up-front - just another tool to help improve your customer experience.

That means there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises - just confidence that your Volkswagen will always receive the best care, at the best price, for optimum performance on the road - which saves you money in the long term.